Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Needs Meds, I Have A Sewing Machine

I have really missed being creative. Yesterday I decided to get back on the sewing bandwagon  and took a trip to Walmart. They carry smaller bits of fabric as well as larger bolts that are often cheaper than Fabricland, even with my discount. As it turns out they sell these nifty little mix and match pre cut fabric kits for making bags, quilts and a few other things. So I bought the makings for a quilt. I got everything cut and pinned last night and started sewing this morning.

Since my surgery a little over two weeks ago my days have gone something like this:
  • Wake up, roll over and hyperventilate from the pain shooting down from my back into my foot.
  • Take a pill (I keep one in a pill bottle next to my bed so I don't have to get up for it.
  • Lie still for 30 minutes despite having to pee so that the pill has time to kick in and I can get out of bed without passing out.
  • Go about my day for 2-3 ours until pill  starts to wears off.
  • Suffer for the last 2-3 hours of the pill wearing off until I can take another one.
  • Take another pill and go about my day for another 2-3 hours.
  • Spend the rest of the day feeling the pain, tired, uncomfortable and irritable because I don't want to take another pill because it would mean I'm taking 5 pills a day and I don't want to do that. By this time it's not just my back and leg though, it's also aching in the surgery area
  • Long for bedtime so I can take my 2 before bed pills and sleep relatively pain free.
  • Start all over again the next day.
This morning started like all the others so I decided to start sewing while my pill was working. I figured once I started feeling crappy I'd stop sewing and take another pill.
Well guess what. It's 9 hours later and I haven't taken that next pill yet.

I've been sewing like a maniac. I've got the quilt about 3/4 finished and it looks fantastic! And I feel fantastic. I'd go on to finish the rest of the quilt today but I don't have the quilting batting, I need to go buy some.

It's like sewing has brought me my old self back. I feel GREAT!!

Anyhow, the quilt is gorgeous. I tossed around the idea of keeping it or selling it on Etsy but I think I'm going to use it either for a raffle prize or a door prize at the headshave.  And I'm going to make another one. And another one.

I've missed the old me.

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  1. Go you! I also spent 4 hours in sew-therapy today, it was awesome!