Thursday, September 22, 2011

Head Shaving, in pictures.

I think Sean was thrilled to be rid of the hair - it was getting way too long. And the facial hair is gone now too!

My nephew got in on the action too.

Connor just had his hair done two week ago for school but he felt left out so we buzzed him again.

This picture cracks me up. My nephew was a willing participant but it doesn't look that way while Sean holds his head and my brother shaves him.

My oldest brother. He didn't have much there to shave off but we got what we could! 

My before picture. Say goodbye hair! 

The girls and my mom cut the long parts off first.

Connor, determined not to be left out had to help cut.

Sean got the honours. It's right aboutr here that he tells me "Shut up Sinead" (as in Sinead O'Connor)

I can't believe how dark my hair looks. 

One of my PP sisters commented on the girls smiles in this pic. Mary was making a face so I told her smile or your grounded which made both of them laugh. 

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