Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Day

I went to work today. Not to work, just to visit. I had to bring in a letter for HR from my oncologist to buy the rest of my sick time (I was only covered for the duration of recovery from the surgery)

It felt great to be there. I got hugs from some of the kids I've been missing. I got to chat with some of the staff I've been missing. I got to see the chaos in the classroom I've been missing (okay, so that part I'm glad I'm missing)

It felt nice to feel normal though, does that make sense? I didn't spend a lot of time there, about an hour and  a good part of that was spent trying to help the teacher find the assessment materials (organization is not his strong point)

I did make a mental note of all that needs to be done when I return.

It gave me new life. It sounds silly, I know but I felt so excited and enthused. I miss work, stress and all and I know in my shape I can't work right now but I'm hoping, at the very least that once chemo is done and I'm moving on to radiation that I can get back to school, even if it's just once a week as a volunteer for a few hours to start slowly straightening things out. My supply is lovely, very nice and perfectly competent but I think she's also already tired of dealing with the chaos that is the teacher I work with. Her words were, "I have the kids...and him."

I think the visit was good for me and I think I'll do it once a month or so, when I'm feeling sad or down and need a lift. It will cheer me up.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping the weather will cooperate and not rain. I'm going to get my camera out to the woods and get me some autumn pictures. The leaves are just starting to change and I'd like to capture it while it's still pretty.

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