Monday, September 12, 2011

It's All About the Hair

In just over an hour I am heading to my first support group. It's for those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm a little nervous.

What if it's a big downer? What if everyone is glum and gloomy? What if there are women there who are in later stages of breast cancer with poor prognosises? (what is the plural of prognosis?) What if I come out of there feeling worse than when I went in because truth be told, besides this ever so annoying and itchy tube in my side and my starting to get better sciatica I feel great. Physically and mentally. I don't want to be brought down.

But, I also want to meet other people who genuinely know what I'm going through (not that all of you haven't been amazingly supportive - I couldn't be this positive without you all)

Fingers crossed.

I'm home alone. It's the very first time since my surgery. The kids are at school. Sean is at a Dr's appointment (extending his stress leave) and my mom is out. It's quiet and I love it and yet it's weird.

I've fallen in love with this quilting stuff. I finished my first one in two days and I've got the stuff to make two more plus my sister in law has ordered  a larger one. I'm pretty excited. If you want to see a pic of the first quilt, it's here.  I'm saving this one though, I think I'm going to use it either as a door prize or a raffle prize for my upcoming head shave fundraiser.

This brings me to another question. I'm planning to have this head shave fundraiser. Basically, the long and short of it is that I think, for me, it will be psychologically too rough to watch my hair fall out so I've decided to beat chemo to the punch and shave my head. But I don't want to be all depressed in the bathroom, I want to have a party, lots of friends and family and fun. And if I'm going to have a party I may as well take that opportunity to use it as a fundraiser for the Relay for Life so I would ask for a $10 *donation* from each person who comes. Anyone else who interested in getting their head shaved can wave the donation. I might even auction the right to shave my head. I think there are some people out there who would get a kick out of that and would pay good money to do it.
But here's the thing. I don't know how long it takes for your hair to start falling out after chemo starts. Is it within days? Weeks? And if it's soon after (days) will I feel up to having a party so soon after my first chemo treatment? But the idea is to shave it before it falls out so I couldn't wait until later when I felt better. So then I wonder, should I do the party before chemo starts? But Sean seems to think after is better when I'll be needing some cheering up.

Opinions on this are welcome.

Speaking of hair, I should go do mine now. I should look somewhat nice for this group. I hope it doesn't suck.


  1. I don't have a personal experience for me, but Dad's hair started to fall out around 3.5 weeks after chemo started... And he felt okay the first couple of weeks but then the chemo and radiation hit him pretty hard and he was tired and not up to parties or going out after that so much. He can definitely still rally for a party, but he is pooped after just a bit of interaction etc. Hope that helps a bit in your planning!

  2. Well, my gutsy cousin, I say go ahead and have it done before chemo, totally beat chemo at it's own game, have tons of fun and build up your support reserves to draw on can always have another party/fundraiser as you go along if you're feeling up to it; and that way it's over and done with and you can continue on with being Mom, sewing etc...I hope the support group is a good thing, it's always good to have people who really understand what you're going through-so you don't have to explain everything to everyone all the time. That can be so exhausting. oh..and way to go with the quilt!! it's beautiful!!