Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink Pumpkins Everywhere

One of my Pumpkin Patch sisters found this picture. For my new readers, the Pumpkin Patch is a group of women I met on a fertility site in 2007 when we were all blessed with babies in (and around) October 2007. We called our group the Pumpkin Patch and in the past 4+ years we've become very close, a sisterhood. Many of us have had the chance to meet IRL and though it's hard for some to believe, we've really grown to love one another.  I can personally attest to the genuine love and support I've received from them since my diagnosis...unparalleled by even some people I know in real life.

So after the rant that brought many of my new readers to my blog, the one about the FB status updates"I'm 12 weeks and craving pickles"  and my saying I was simply going to put a pink ribbon as my profile picture, many of the PP sisters did as well. And then one of them found the pink pumpkin. It couldn't have been more perfectly made for us had one of us actually made it ourselves.

And now, several of my PP sisters have it as their profile pic (and even a few friends who are not PPers)

But today, I display my pic in support of another PP sister who is having her own breast cancer scare. My thoughts and prayers are with her today that she is okay, that she will dodge this breast cancer bullet. One of us dealing with this is more than enough.

My support group yesterday was fantastic. I was nervous at first because everyone who came in was at least 10-15 year older than me (which in of itself is not a big deal but I think being a cancer fighter and having young children puts a unique spin on things...not that one doesn't want to live for their older children just as much but let's face it, a 25 year old gets it better than my 3 year old.)  But then two other women came in who had young children too and it made me feel better.

I was such a nimrod though. We go around the room introducing ourselves and telling out stories and I, like a yutz start bawling at my turn. I swore I wouldn't. But, now it's out and I'll be okay for the next round.

I can't say a lot (they were pretty strict about confidentiality) but I did meet someone who I seemed to click with so that felt good and I got some great tips already about how chemo will feel, when to shave my head (after the first chemo - Stacy, you were right, about 15-17 days after the first treatment is when my hair will fall out) and when to have my party (my first full week after chemo I should feel good enough to have a party)   I also felt strong, inspired by the women who were further in treatment that I am and by the women who are still struggling with their diagnosis.

I've signed up to be in a photo shoot too. The CIBC Run for the Cure is coming up and they are doing a shoot with breast cancer survivors and fighters. We are to wear all pink and a very fancy decorated bra.(over your clothes) I can't wait. Emily is going to help me decorate my bra. I'll look fabulous!

I was talking to a coworker/friend yesterday. She seems to be really struggling with this. She wants me to get a second opinion. I've gone past the point of worry about that kind of thing now. I know she's stuck on the fact that I had a breast removed with no clear tumor in it but I'm not. I'm glad I did it. I don't worry about it now. I explained why a second (actually third) opinion is not a feasible option. I didn't get frustrated. I held it together.

It's going to be a busy week this week. I have to go to the chemo clinic this week for my consultation. I have to go to physiotherapy for my back (I've scrapped the chiropractor and got a physio referral from my Dr.) and I go see the surgeon. And in the off times I have a large quilt to make for my sister in law's mom. At least I can honestly say, I'm too busy to be bored.

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