Monday, September 19, 2011

Relay For Life

We had planned (see, again with the making plans) to have a Relay for Life fundraiser in the fall, we were thinking a bowling type tournament.

Obviously there was a change in plans. Now, chemo and dealing with life with cancer takes precedent. That doesn't mean that I'm giving up on fundraising and annoying people with my constant requests to pledge our team though, it just means that it going to have to take a different form.

So, instead I planned (see that word again) to have a head shaving fundraiser. I was going to invite everyone I knew (yes, everyone!) and for a nominal donation ($10) the could come and watch me get my head shaved. And that nominal donation would mean that they got to keep their own hair too since if you didn't pay the $10 you had to get your head shaved too.

But chemo got bumped up to a week earlier than I expected so that is out the window. Now my head shave is just a quiet family only event.

And yet, by some miracle my Relay for Life pledges keep climbing. It seems like everytime I sit at the computer I'm getting another notification of another pledge being made and at first, it looked like it was from complete strangers. It took me a couple of pledges before I figured out the source of all this - it took a name I recognized. My bff is out there pounding the pavement and drumming up pledges for me.
I can't even begin to express how that makes me feel because not only do I have her support in my physical battle against cancer but in my symbolic one too. And I can't wait for her to be one of the people by my side in June when I walk that Survivor lap.

Add on to this one of my PP sisters who has begun selling Scentsy products. She so generously offered that if I host an online party she'd donate all of her commissions PLUS and additional $50 to our Relay for Life team.  This is not something she has to do but she asked me if she could and I was overwhelmed by her generosity.

So now the pitch. My dear readers, many of you found my blog by searching for what "I'm 12 weeks and craving pickles" meant. In that post I said, something to the effect of "You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who isn't aware of breast cancer. If you really want to make a difference, try raising some money for cancer research." Well now is your chance. If  you click the link above, and make a purchase you not only buy a gorgeous item for your home but you know that the commission from that sale will be going directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

***Note*** when you click the link and are directed to the Scentsy page, you meed to check the top right hand corner and make sure the country coincides with yours (ie, US orders US flag, Canadian orders, Canadian flag - sorry, no international orders) The click the link under My Open Parties that says Jean's Basket Party, Buy From this Party)  *** 

It's that simple. That is how you can make a difference. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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