Friday, September 2, 2011

Comments on the Comments

Blogger has been giving me issues for the past few days and won't allow me to post comments on my own blog, unless I do it on my daughters iPod. That is no easy task and nothing is more annoying than trying to type on a touch screen and the auto spell messing me up and my daughter whining because I'm hogging her iPod....

but I didn't want to let some of the comments I'd received go by without response because I think truly, each one deserves one.

However, time, Blogger and the fact that my pain pills will be kicking in soon and making me less coherent won't allow that so I'm going to give a more general response to the comments.

When I first posted my rant it was from the point of view of someone fighting cancer. And yet, as many of you have pointed out there is another issues at hand here, one as equally important to me, infertility.

I don't expect most of you have taken the time to go back and read the past two years worth of blog posts but I too have suffered through infertility. It is that very thing that brought me together with my Pumpkin Patch sisters....our struggle to get pregnant, stay pregnant and give birth to live, healthy babies. And while my struggles with infertility were not as long or as difficult as many women's are, I do understand the pain of loss - I too lost two babies to miscarriage.  Connor is my rainbow baby.

It didn't occur to me when I was ranting about the FB game being a poor excuse for a breast cancer awareness campaign that it was also highly offensive and hurtful to those women who are suffering through IF. To have someone make light of pregnancy - when so many of us truly know just what a miracle it really is. It's already so painfully difficult for a woman who is suffering through IF to hear about friends, family and even random strangers getting pregnant - but to have people imply pregnancy, under the guise of raising awareness for breast cancer - well I don't have to tell you - you're all smart's just plain hurtful.
And the bigger irony to this is, that for many women treatment for breast cancer renders them infertile. Kick 'em when their down.
I've been blessed with three beautiful children on earth and two in heaven and didn't intend to have more but it doesn't make my heart ache any less for those women who I know long to have a(nother) child.

Many of the people who have posted comments to me have expressed this very thing, how it's like a stab in the heart to see these postings on FB and to feel that ache in their own belly.  To those people I send you my love and prayers that you will one day hold a baby in your arms.

I've also received a lot of comments from people who are either fighting cancer themselves or have a loved one who is. To you I say Keep Fighting!! Stay Strong!!! Everyday they are finding out more and more about this horrific disease and one day they will find a cure. Cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence. Be tough, show cancer that it picked the wrong person to f*ck with. I intend to and I know you can too.

For everyone else, thank you for your kind words and prayers. I truly am astonished at how my one little rant has brought in so much traffic (almost 11,500 people at last count)  All I wanted to do was blow off some steam. I've apparently done much more than that. I'm happy about that. If it means that one person who otherwise might not have will donate to the Canadian Cancer Society or the American Cancer Society or my Relay for Life team or my sister in laws CIBC Run for the Cure team or to any other cancer research that is fantastic.

And if my little rant makes others stop for a second and think....we never really know what others are going though. It might seem innocent enough but to the woman who's never been able to carry a child it's something entirely different.

Hopefully blogger will sort itself out and I can reply to individual comments soon. But in the meantime, dear readers, please know I appreciate all your comments, thoughts and ideas.


  1. You rock Jean! Stay strong and keep fighting! The pumpkin patch loves you!

  2. Jean, We met last year when you came to my house to pick up some fabric. I just read your Papa's Pride post on Facebook about your sister in law running for the cure and I came over here to read your blog. I'm so sorry to hear of your battle with cancer. Have you heard of Chemo Angels? You will be in my prayers. Keep fighting!