Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why I won't be eating corn from the farmers market ever again

Every Friday from May to October there is a farmers market in the parking lot of the mall across the street. We don't usually go there simply because it's still a hell of a lot cheaper to buy the same produce (from the same farmers) at the WalMart - it's just a few days older. No biggie.

However, we've had an early and hot summer so there has been bumper crops of some typically later veggies like corn. So Sean and I decided to go to the farmers market to get some. And for what it's worth, it was twice as expensive as WalMart - $5/doz - so not really worth the walk.

That night Sean decided to grill the corn. (If you haven't ever had grilled corn, you're missing out!) So he soaked the corn (in the husks) in the sink. When he pulled them out of the soak to grill we noticed several caterpillars floating in the water. Not completely unexpected when you consider it was probably only harvested the day before. He grilled the corn and everyone enjoyed it (except me, though that wasn't because of the caterpillars - I've eaten meal worm cookies and chocolate covered crickets so it's not that big a stretch.)

Last night I made turkey meatball subs and corn on the cob. I shucked the corn first and no caterpillars. Good. I put the corn in the pot to boil it, I'm still not the best with BBQ cooking.

When it came time to dish out supper this is what I found.

Yep, that's Mr. Caterpillar coming out of the corn. And he's nice and boiled now. For all those people who call corn a filler and of no nutritional value - I give you corn with added protein.
And yes, I ate meal worm cookies but they were ground up and not visible. And yes I ate a chocolate covered cricket but it was covered in chocolate. I'd eat YOU if you were covered in chocolate.

And yes, I know in a previous post I said taking pictures of food was weird but come on....could I really pass this one up?

So who wants to come over for dinner?


  1. Oh my too funny! I know it's kind of "gross" but I'd rather eat corn that had caterpillars than corn that had been sprayed with nasty pesticides to make it look "pretty" and "clean"...just me though!

  2. good point Kat! I just wish the caterpillars would vacate before I cook them! lol

  3. I soak mine (without husks) for a few minutes and have never had the pleasure of meeting a little wiggler. Maybe that might help next time.