Saturday, August 7, 2010

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Just when I thought we were making progress.

I've got an email inviting me to meet with a union. Another one. One that frankly, I've got no interest in being represented by. And one that, if the others were thinking clearly they would see is not the right choice for us. But you see, a lot of them are caught up in the 'job title'. They want to be in a teachers union, not in a support staff union. Um, hello....we're not teachers. (okay fellow ECE's don't kick my ass....I know we're teachers....but we're not know what I mean.) We don't have the same job description. We don't have the same responsibilities. We're not them....they are not us.... so why lump us together?? And oh my God, can you imagine the conflict of interest if we were part of a teachers union and we wanted something the teachers didn't like? WOW.

Anyway, I wasn't planning to go to this meeting I was going to let my vote speak for itself. Plus the meeting is way the frig downtown on a Wednesday night and I don't want to A: drive downtown and have to pay for parking or B: take the subway because despite what Sean thinks, some weird ass creepy people ride the subway at night. But then I get a follow up email from a co worker -it's forwarded from the teacher union rep....saying that if we've already signed a union card it's okay, we can cancel it. Are ya shittin' me??!!! Yeah, that's going to make us look really great. Like indecisive, easily influenced idiots. So now I have to go just to add my two sense (no, that isn't a misspelling - I meant it that way)

I guess in the end all I can do is make my opinions known with solid, well thought out, articulate arguments. As much as I'd like to grab them all by the collars and give them a shake and scream in their faces "WAKE UP!!! ARE YOU F*ING STUPID??!!" I won't. I'll channel my Dad again. I'll be calm, quiet and thoughtful and hopefully be able to influence them with reason.

And if not, then I'll grab them by the collars and give them a shake.

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