Sunday, August 8, 2010

Well what do ya know! x 2

It would seem there is a learning curve for everyone.

I found out yesterday that if you vote no to certifying a particular union that you are not allowed to be certified by any union for a full year.

So this means one of three things.

1. We have to vote yes by a majority at the vote on the 16th. (this is my choice!)

2. We vote no by a majority and then we start work without representation for a year

3. We can either ask the union to hold our application or cancel our cards (but there would need to be at least 10 cards cancelled) but that has to be done first thing Monday morning in order to stop the application from being filed.

Part of me thinks this is friggin' hysterical. I mean, I'm not bothered by it because the card I signed was the union I wanted. However, I'm sure there are others out there (namely the girl who told me about the year thing) who are pissed that we're either 'stuck' with this union or scrambling to stop the application.

The thing is, I don't see any scrambling. When she emailed to tell me about this year thing and how pissed she was that we weren't told that by the union I told her the two ways in which we could halt the vote (cancelling cards or asking the union to hold off on filing) I also made it clear that I was in favour of the union in question so while I was happy to tell her how to get us out of it, it was up to her to spam everyone else to let them know. I haven't seen any mass emails so I'm guessing she opted not to.

Honestly, I think this is one of those situation where people are just over thinking. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Too many choices add confusion, indecision and stress.

I guess we shall see what comes of this.

Last night I made French Onion Soup for supper. I've eaten it only once or twice before. Back when Sean and I were first married I made some with onion soup mix and onions. It was terrible! So I stuck to restaurants. But a little while ago my cousins husband emailed me a bunch of crockpot recipes so I thought I'd give it a try.

I don't like onions. I don't get them on my steak, I don't put them on my hamburger and when I know there are onions in a dish at a restaurant I will ask for it with no onions. So why make French Onion Soup? Two words. Cheese and Bread.

It smelled great! It tasted pretty good too (though I couldn't make a meal of it. I had sausage and salad too) But what was surprising was Connor. I made the sausage and salad simply because I knew the kids wouldn't eat onion soup. HA! I was wrong. Connor had a giant bowl of it. He couldn't get enough. He loved it. Who'd have thunk it.

We had to brush his teeth really well last night though. There's something gross about a 2 year old with onion breath.

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