Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dogs, cats and Cancer

Disclaimer. For all you 'dog people' you may want to opt for not reading the first part pf today's post. But if you do...remember above all else.....I am a nice person.

I was driving behind a guy the other day who was going so painfully slow I wanted to cry. I wasn't in a hurry or anything, I just don't like going 20 km below the speed limit. When I finally got a chance to pass him I saw why he was going so slow.
10 km was accounted for because he was about 172 years old. The other 10 km was caused, in large part, by the small, rat like dog hopping around on his lap. I know that sounds harsh but it was a small dog (like hold in your hands small) and yet it was doing enough running and jumping on this guys lap that I was able to see it. And he was driving. We have laws about talking on your cell, texting, programming your GPS and buckling in your kids but anyone can have an animal hopping around their lap while they's not a hazard!

I'll admit it. I don't like dogs. I'm afraid of big ones. I have no use for people who say "Oh, my dog would NEVER bite anyone....he's so gentle." Um, it's an animal. It doesn't have the ability to reason or be rational so um, yeah, it could very conceivably bite you at any time. It's just chosen not to yet. Small dogs are no better...they are yappy and hyper.

Don't get me wrong, I've thought of having a dog. If I did I would probably get something like a Lab, though I'm very partial to hounds too. I always said I'd get a Beagle (but no, it would not be named Snoopy)

And then I talk to my brother - he has a Newfoundland/Labrador mix (which is funny to Canadians because Newfoundland & Labrador is our 1oth province.) It's a big ass dog. It's an ironic choice too as Newfoundlanders were bred to rescue fishermen who went overboard. The actually have webbed paws. So my brother bought a dog whose purpose is to save drowning people....and he has a pool. If he's outside when someone is swimming he barks like mad and runs around the pool. But I digress. The place I was going to with this was that my brother's dog had an ear problem and it cost them over 7 bills to fix it. Are ya shittin' me?
My other brother has a Jack Russell. We won't even discuss my dislike for this rat...I mean dog. It's jumpy, hyper, yappy....and sorry, it's ugly too. Not cute dog at all.

You gotta walk them and scoop their crap! You gotta 'socialize' them. You gotta train them. They cost a small fortune for everything!

But cats....oh, sweet lovely there is a pet. No grooming costs. If your cat is a good mouser, like mine, food costs are kept to a minimum. No kidding, she doesn't eat a whole lot of cat food because she fills her belly with rodents and birds outside. She keeps to herself, doesn't beg for food at the table and the hardest thing to do is wrangle her in for her monthly flea treatment. She's an outdoor cat so while we do have a litter box she hasn't actually used it in 2 years. The only thing she expects is for you to pet her a bit once a month when she decides to sit in your lap for a bit. It's really a sweet deal for both of us.

Yep, I'd be crazy cat lady....I'd have 20 of them.

And now that I've offended all of my dog loving readers (sorry Sarah....though I will admit your little guys are cute)

Moving on.

I have a neighbour. Well, I have more than one but this one in particular. He's a nice guy, older (I'm guessing late 50's early 60's) He lives alone, is very quiet but also very friendly.
About 2 months ago or so I noticed he looked like he'd dropped 40 pounded and aged 20 years overnight. I thought the worst (don't we always) but since I don't know him well enough I couldn't exactly go over and say "Hey man, you look like shit, you okay?" I also noticed that his landlord was mowing his lawn, not him.

Yesterday Sean was talking with another of our neighbours. He was mowing the other neighbours lawn. He and Sean got to talking and sure enough, the guy has lung cancer. And to top that off, the neighbour who was doing the mowing...his wife has battled cancer for years and now has a suspicious spot on her lung.

Is it contagious? Seriously?

I feel so horrible for this neighbour. He lives alone. He has a daughter but she lives several hours away. I imagine this poor guy going for radiation treatments and then being home all alone and feeling like shit. I wish there was something I could do but then I worry that I'd be invading this guys privacy...overstepping my bounds.

It just reaffirms things for me. Cancer sucks. We all know that. And now, having witnessed it myself, it sucks even more and I feel so truly horrible for anyone battling it.

I sold two more bags yesterday. I've raised $120 so far for the Relay for Life. I know it's but a drop in the bucket but it makes me feel like I'm doing something....even if it's in an indirect way.
I wish there was more I could do.

And just to end off with a shameless plug. For those who haven't already...please visit the Papa's Pride blog and also please visit my Papa's Pride Etsy store and order a bag. ALL the money raised go directly to our Relay for Life team

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  1. I'm not offended. I was always a cat person and well on my way to being a crazy cat person when I met Phil (I had 4) But we cant have cats because of a relative with serious allergies. My Boys are wonderful and Topper is why I am now a total dog person. He's an amazing little dog-and they know how to behave and do so!! yappy little mutts wouldn't last long.
    Make your neighbour a snack or something and take it to him, sometimes we have to invade privacy a little. At least then you'd know a bit about his situation and (most) people would be touched that someone cares. Might be better to stick you nose in than find out later you should piece of unsolicited advice for today.