Monday, August 2, 2010

Hi Romania!


I've noticed I have a new follower. I'm kind of excited to be honest. At the moment all my followers (at least the public ones) are people I know (or know of ) But now I have a new follower.

So in an effort to see what it is that would attract a random stranger to want to follow my ramblings I thought I should check out his blog. Unfortunately it's in Romanian so I'm up the creek without a paddle. However, the header in his blog has a quote from John Dewey "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself"

Now I'll be honest, I first mistook John Dewey for the 'Dewey Decimal System' Dewey (that was actually Melvil Dewey) but thanks to Wikipedia I'm up to speed on John Dewey now and I think I'll have to learn more about him and his philosophy of education. His thoughts on hands on learning and experiential education ring true to me.

And now I'm really wishing that I could read my new followers blog because I suspect that if I could understand it I might find that we share some common thoughts on educating our children.

In the meantime, I've googled some pictures of Romania....beautiful....and I seem to see a lot of pictures of 'mud volcanoes'. Intriguing. I guess I've found another perk to blogging. I'm learning new things.

Have a nice day!

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