Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day!

There he is. All ready for his first day of school (daycare).
He did great. He cried a bit but not half as much as I thought he would. (Although, in fairness, we in the field tend to under exaggerate the extent of crying for Mom's and Dad' helps with the guilt issues.)
He only went for half a day. Today is the real test because it's a full day.
And while I worry about how he'll do there is the other part of me that thinks "Wow...I'm going to have 6 solid hours with no one under 7 years old." I could take advantage of this time in so many ways. The girls and I could do the things that are no fun for Connor. Or, we could relax at home. Or we could shop (with the money that grows on the money tree in the backyard).
I'm not sure how I'm going to spend my first Connor free day. I'll probably miss him like crazy by 11 am.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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