Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep 'em coming!

You guys are the best.

So far there have been 53 visitors to the new blog AND two sales!!! Yay!!!!

I'm also getting so much better with my sewing, I did, what I consider the 'perfect' tote today!

So again please feel free to spam me out to all your family and friends. One honourable mention in a facebook status update will get a lot of traffic my way and help us raise lots and lots of money!!

So, let's talk.

Connor has been doing so amazing at daycare. He whimpers a bit when I drop him off and he doesn't sleep for more than 30 minutes at naptime but he's happy and having fun.

I realized today that a week Friday is my official end to unofficial daycare. It's bittersweet because while I'm so excited about the next chapter I'm also sad to say goodbye to *M*. I made her a DVD montage of photos I've taken of her over the years and let me tell you I had to wade through literally thousands of daycare photos and pick and choose the best of the best. I ended up with a 15 minute dvd of her last 6 years here. It's a long time. I'll admit, I got weepy when I watched it.

I got an email from the ECE who's been 'organizing' us with regards to union business. She thought against letting everyone know that if they don't vote CUPE we are without a union for fear that no one would show up to the meeting with the other union tomorrow night. I agreed with her, but only to a point. I said that she should let everyone know on Thursday so that they are making an informed decision when they vote on Monday. I haven't heard back from her but suffice it to say, if I don't hear back a confirmation that she will let everyone know by Friday I'll let them know myself. Not because I want CUPE in but because people have a right to make an informed decision. If they still want to vote no for CUPE that's their choice but at least then they know what the ramifications are. We'll see. I don't want to have a pissing match with this girl but I'm also not going to end up unionless by mistake. If I'm unionless it was because the majority voted to be unionless.
I hate unions. This it too much drama and bullshit for me and I haven't even started working yet!

I've added more tote bags as well as diaper cakes to the Papa's Pride blog so please, I am shamelessly begging you - go visit and buy something or spam me to all your loved ones.

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