Friday, August 20, 2010

One Day Older

I'm not really another year older today. It's not like yesterday was August 20, 2009. I'm only 1 day older.

Sean gave me the gift of shopping for my birthday. He gave me $250 to renovate my wardrobe for work.

There are a few things you should know about me. A: I don't spend money on myself. And I know for any other Mom's who are reading this, you get it. If you have extra money you spend it on your kids. So the only time I buy myself new clothes is when I gain weight and HAVE to. (The shirt I'm wearing right now...I bought 3 years ago) B: I am not a good shopper. I second guess everything. I'm afraid to take fashion chances. C: I have never had a job I had to 'dress' for so finding the right mix of professional yet I can still sit on the floor with 5 yr olds (since that is in my job description) is tough. No more Levi's for me.

So I called in my bff - who has more fashion sense in her pinkie than I've got in my whole body, who, like me, does not carry a Barbie doll figure but can dress to look fabulous and who knows how to shop the sales rack.

We went out last night and in an hour managed to spend almost all of my money AND get me an entirely new wardrobe. And I look HOT. And I look professional. And I look fashionable. And now that I have clothes in my closet and will not be stressing about what to wear to work I am feeling 1000 times more confident. It's amazing what the right clothes will do for you.

And my mom gave me money to go get my hair roots need some lovin'. So next week I'm going to go and get my hair taken care of and by God I'm going to be ready to go on Sept 2nd.

We had our union vote yesterday. We haven't had the official word come in yet but unofficially we're with the teachers union. I'm glad. It's a different song than I was singing even 2 weeks ago but I think we've made the right choice. Onward and upward.

Today will be a bittersweet day though. Today is the last day that M will be coming to my house for daycare. It's not like we won't see her still all the time. The kids still go to school together and she'll still probably come for sleepovers once a month or so but it's been 6 years. Most of her life. Most of Mary's. I'll miss that.

I'm going to enjoy my day. I'm going to enjoy a nice dinner out with my hubby (I'm glad I didn't take the salmon out of the freezer!) and I'm going to enjoy birthday cake with my kiddies.

Hope you have a great day too!


  1. Happy Day to you!!! Sounds like you have an exciting time coming your way! That's so great that you were able to shop and find exactly what you wanted. I just love shopping like that!

  2. I hope your Birthday dinner was as lovely as my Birthday lunch!
    How was the cake??
    Happy Birthday!!!!