Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm in it now

And by it I mean a big pile of *it*

I've got my wardrobe all ready. The only thing I was missing (for now at least) was a good coat. You see, working from home all these years did not require me to have any clothes that actually looked nice, they just had to function. So rather than spending money on clothes, I just used Sean's hand me downs.
My fall coat consisted of a hoody under Sean's old spring jacket. It worked, it was very warm. But - it's not exactly conducive to a professional look. So I've been looking for a jacket for the fall.

I went to Old Navy and found one I really liked. It was $50 - right in my price range. And then, the heavens smiled upon me and I got a 30% off coupon in an email. But -it was only good from this Thursday to Sunday.

Have I mentioned that we are broke? When I say broke, I mean penniless. We are living not just paycheck to paycheck we're living on Visa. Gail Vaz Oxlade would kick my ass! You see, Sean's income covers the mortgage and bills. But then there is the small problem of eating. And that is where Visa comes in.

It's not forever...just until I get my first paycheck. Unfortunately that won't be until September 24th. And even more unfortunate - this is Canada and I will need a fall coat before September 24th.

So, off to Old Navy I go. I've got my 30% off coupon and my last $40. I'm going to buy my coat. But guess what. They don't have any left. They do have another one similar but it's also $10 more. What's $10 when you're already in the hole you say? Well, you're right, but I just wasn't feelin' the love for this coat. I did find another one I liked but it was $80. Not happening.

So off we went. Discouraged but I'm a trooper.

So then we went to Zellers. I'm not a giant fan of Zellers but I thought, it can't hurt to look, I won't find anything and we can go home.

And then there it was. It was beautiful. It was stylish. It was ON SALE!

It's a dark grey Jules and James coat. It's like short trench with 3/4 sleeves, wide sleeves. And then from below the sleeve its got a knit sleeve that comes out so it's actually a full sleeve. I really must take a picture because I suck at describing things.

The point is, it's gorgeous.

So here's the rub. I tried on a large. It fit but was a little tight across the back. Now I could be one of those optimists who says "well, when I start work I'm going to lose a bit of weight" BUT - if I don't I've got a coat that's too tight and when I tried it on I was only wearing a t shirt, not anything with substance, ie a sweater.
But alas, there were no XL's. So, taking one last longing look in the mirror I went to take it off and hang it back up.

But then...something caught my eye. Could it be? YES! IT IS! It's the same coat in an XL hanging on the hanger on the wrong stand right in front of me.

I told Emily it was a sign. I hummed and hawed about spending so much money since we have none but when I saw My Coat right there in front of me, not on it's proper stand, placed just so I would see it, calling to me "Buy will look fabulous!" When God is talking, you should listen. (okay, so I realize my finding this coat was not an act of Divine Intervention but for the sake of an interesting read...)

So I bought the coat. It cost a lot more than I had planned to spend. I'm sure Sean is going to shit a purple twinkie when he comes home and sees it but you know what....this is Canada....I'm going to need a fall coat before I get my first paycheck and let's face it, a hoodie and his old spring coat just won't cut it.

Now I just need to find a winter coat......... And boots...... And a new hat and gloves......

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  1. Lmao!! And I must disagree with was Devine Intervention! God knew you needed a coat ans saw that you got one! We're talking need here, not just want. Big difference! and a great story,lol.