Friday, October 7, 2011

What Cancer Has Taught Me

I've learned that my days will never again be consistent. I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world. I got a good report from my surgeon. I went to physiotherapy for my sciatica and was able to do all the exercises. I made 34 cake pops for Connor's birthday party tomorrow, plus chocolate suckers. I went shopping with Em and we didn't argue about spending money.

And then I scratched my head....and a small clump of hair came out.

My hair has finally started to fall out. I knew I'd feel tingly in my scalp before it started and it was tingling all morning. I knew it would starting any day now (15-17 days after your is day 15) I thought I was prepared, I mean, that was the whole reason I shaved my head before my first treatment in the first place, so I'd be prepared to go from long hair to no hair.
Turns out, I wasn't as prepared as thought I was. I had myself a good cry. And then I had Sean shave it again, down to a number 1. I look like the skin heads my mom didn't like me hanging out with in high school.

It's not all bad I suppose. I'm happy that I won't have to shave my legs for some time. Of course, that would have been preferable in the summer when it really matters. I'm happy I won't have to shave my armpits for a while. I won't have to pluck those little hairs between my eyebrows...not quit unibrow but noticeable when you get really close. No more worry about bikini line waxing - it's a full on Brazilian now. And I've just noticed, I have hairy toe knuckles. Ick, I'll be glad to be rid of that.

The down side is that if I loose my eyebrows (some women don't, they just thin out a bit) I'll have to either pencil them in or have that 'bald' eyes look. I'm also losing my nose hair, which as a woman I don't notice much....until I start crying and sniffing doesn't seem to help the runny nose. I'll have to have tissue on hand at all times from now on.

But I'm not one to harp on the negative side of things. So, I'm going to take full advantage of my pending full on baldness.

For Halloween I'm thinking I'll paint my hole head orange, put a flicker candle in my mouth and go out as a jack-o-lantern.

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