Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do You See The Irony In This?

When it was time to wean Connor from his soother (he calls it his doo doo) we cut the tip of it off, little by little until there was very little left to actually suck on.   But my boy, not to be without his security still hung on to doo doo and rather than sucking it, he plays with the open end of the nipple.

Doo doo is firmly tied around lovey's neck. Lovey is his dog head/blanket body stuffed thing. Lovey and doo doo are a team, they go everywhere together and Connor doesn't go far without them. And he's not spent a night without them ever. (Actually, once he forgot it at daycare and getting him to sleep that night was a nightmare!)  Lovey doo doo comforts him when he's sad, makes him feel better when he's sick, plays with him when he's lonely.  Lovey doo doo is his best friend.

So this morning Connor came to me to show me that doo doo has a little mark. What's actually happening is that the rubber in the remaining nipple is wearing down to the point that it's starting to crumble. (it's had two years of Connor fingering it)   So I told Connor is was breaking.

I may as well have told him that the world was ending because the look I got was just that. Doo doo can't be breaking!!! The tears filled his little eyes instantly and when he cries like that, he doesn't make a sound and the tears don't roll down his cheek, they are so fat that they fall right out of his eyes. It's pathetic.

So we've agreed that later today we're going to go to WalMart and buy a new doo doo. The irony of this is that I am going to buy a new soother so that I can cut it up because his old cut up one is broken.

Go figure.

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  1. LOL The things we'll do for our little ones.