Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here's What's New

I've been feeling physically pretty good these past few days. The tiredness is starting to wear off, my sciatica comes and goes and though my eyes are painfully dry I've not been feeling any side effects of the chemo. Thank God because it almost makes thinking about the next treatment on October 13th bearable.

So I thought I'd take advantage of the good feelings to get some more stuff done. I picked up my sister law's quilt again. I feel insanely guilty for not having it done for when she initially asked but after the first treatment I lost my will to do much of anything that didn't involve sitting on the couch watching tv. I love sewing but it's not something I can only do for a short time like play Wii or read or make jewelry. Once the sewing stuff is out in order to actually put a dent in your work you're there for a good 2 hours. I've been lacking that kind of stamina. But yesterday I got into it and got 3 of the 7 panels done. I'm glad. I will definitely be ready for her to give her mom for Christmas.

I've also taken a shine to jewelry making (again) but this time I wanted to try something different. I came across this blog (actually I think I came across her FB page first) and fell in love with these rosaries. She makes them so beautifully and I was thinking, what a lovely gift that would be to give someone a rosary that was made just for them. But, until Connor's First Communion we don't have anything coming up in our family that I can think of that would warrant a rosary as a gift.

Then I got to thinking....hey, I could make that. We have a Catholic Supply store walking distance from my house. (it's where we buy all the rosaries we give as gifts) and I thought, there is little doubt in my mind I could get the Crucifix's and other things I need to make them. Or I could make Chaplets. They have all the Saints medals. Or I could make Tenners.

So, with coupon on hand it was off to Michael's. I had a vision of a tenner rosary bracelet. I've got a Ziploc baggy with about $200 worth of swarovski crystals burning a hole in my craft box and this would be the perfect project for them.  So I went to get the necessary clasps and picked up a few crosses too (not to be confused with a Crucifix - which will applicable to all Christians is a predominately Catholic thing)

So this was my first attempt. The Sterling Silver/Swarovski Crystal tenner bracelet. My mom bought it. 

This was my second attempt.  A black bead tenner keychain with a pewter cross. I'll admit, I made it thinking it would be great for a guy. But then after it was done I fell in love with it. In fact, I probably would have bought it but a friend bought instead.  I'll have to make another (slightly different though because I love that they will all be unique) 

I made two more keychain ones but haven't taken pictures yet. I'm  enjoying this new project though, they are easy to make, pretty and meaningful.

I've yet to post them for sale in my Etsy Shop so if anyone is interested in buying one just email me .  An idea of price range, the bracelet was $30 the keychain was $12.

This morning I'm hoping to get to the woods to get some nice fall pictures. It's a gorgeous day, it feels like summer but the leaves are changing. This afternoon it's off to the dentist. I'm not supposed to be getting dental work done while in treatment but I broke a molar so it's got to get, at very least, a temporary filling so nothing gets in there and causes an infection.

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