Friday, October 7, 2011


The surgeon called yesterday. I always get insanely nervous when her number shows up on the phone.

She said that the results came back from the MRI and that there was nothing to see. There was nothing there to biopsy.

Holy freakin' crap!! We finally got some good news!!! So I am released from her and don't need to see her again for a year.

I couldn't have better news to go into Thanksgiving weekend. And I have a hell of a lot to be thankful for.

This is the first real bit of good news I've had since this whole mess started and I am so beyond relieved I actually cried, tears of happiness for once.

So last night Sean and I decided to go out to celebrate. We were going to go to East Side Mario's and use the gift certificate my brother snagged for us. But we got side tracked, me with writing, Sean with hockey so instead we decided to go for dessert at Williams. We weren't there long before I had to use the bathroom and well, without giving away the farm I'll just say my butt is spoiled and doesn't respond well to public washroom toilet paper. I need my moist wipes. Yeah, that's right. My ass is a diva. So we went home after only being out for 40 minutes. I'm a cheap date.

So Sean watched hockey and I soaked in the bath for the very first time since July, with my Kobo and my iPod and my tea. It was heavenly.

I'm feeling fantastic, more positive now than ever before. See what a bit of good news does for you!

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