Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving On

I don't know if it's in my head or if it's a fact but it seemed like this round was harder to get over than the last one. It could be all relative. It could be that is was in fact, I'm not entirely sure if chemo has a cumulative effect or not. Today I woke up still suffering from the mouth watering. My nurse came in (the home care nurse still comes in a couple of days after chemo just to check on my symptom management and side effects) and I asked her about the water mouth. She said she really didn't know, it's usually the opposite complaint, that people have dry mouth. I guess I'll stick with mints and potato chips. It's not as bad this afternoon.

Today was the anxious/heart pain/zero energy day that I recall from last time. I get winded walking from the living room to the bathroom (and I'm in a bungalow so it's not like I'm doing stairs) and I'm getting dizzy spells. I imagine most of this is due to decreased red blood cells and therefore less oxygen in my blood stream. I took a nap this afternoon and I feel 100 times better since I woke up so I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be ready to venture out and get groceries and take a walk. And not a moment too soon because I think Sean is getting cabin fever.

It's starting to get cold here now and I've been worrying about what to wear on my head. I got a lovely surprise in the mail this morning and among other things, my cool hat weather problem has been solved.

I love it! Thanks Lareina!


  1. Love the hat!! Looks great too.

  2. That is Beautiful Jean, You will surely keep warm now. You look great girl. Keep up the good work Ok. Lots of Love to you from me!! xoxox


  3. LOVE the hat...perfect on you!!!