Monday, October 3, 2011

I had a burst of energy yesterday. Or maybe it was my trying to back into the swing of not letting everyone do everything for me all the time. I've milked this cancer business as long as I could, it's getting old now and my mind is getting stale. Besides, Sean will have to go back to work at some point and I'll have to (shudder!!) fend for myself!!!

Anyway, I've been wanting to get the playroom tidied up and decorated for Halloween and Connor's party this weekend. I also wanted to purge. With his birthday and Christmas coming it's time for the annual "You don't need this toy anymore so let's give it away, throw it away or donate it to Value Village"

We're saying goodbye to the kitchen set. He doesn't play with it anymore, he never really did but I've kept it because in this house, there is no such thing as girls toys and boys toys. My brother in law is a fantastic chef, you never know, Connor could have gotten that skill from him so let's encourage it now while he's still young.

So the kitchen and all the food and dishes are going to a friends daughter. She's just turned 1 so it will be perfect for her.

I have a big pile of things to go to Value Village, lots of doubles which was necessary when I had the daycare but not any longer. How many Fisher Price garages can one kid use?  The problem is, I don't want to get rid of too much because I want to be able to take them to school. I do have a class that could use them but I'm not bringing them there until I'm back....who knows what would happen to them.

Then we decorated. I used to love decorating the playroom, especially in fall. It's my favourite time of year. I've missed doing it. So I pulled out my box of Halloween decorations and we went to work. It looks so good now!

My fabulous morning was brought to a screeching halt though. I celebrated my hard work with a Halloween sized box of Smarties and cracked a tooth. Yeah, great. Apparently I'm not supposed to really get dental work done during chemo, the bleeding aspect of dental work and my body not being well equipped to stop itself from bleeding at this point. I'm sure they'll be able to do a quick fix for me until Feb when dental work will be more of an option but it's the aggravation. And it was the slap in the face reminder of my life not being what it once was.

Last night we went to dinner at East Side Mario's. They were doing a fundraiser dinner for the Run for the Cure so we went with my brother and sister in law and their kids, and my mom. I'm not a big fan of going to restaurants anymore. It's too much work with the kids. I'm rarely happy with the service and often I can't find things on the menu I like. I'm particularly not a fan of East Side Mario's for that reason but this was for a good cause.

The service was TERRIBLE!  The brought out the salad in the large 'share it out' bowls. The waitress asked if we wanted Parmesan or pepper. I said "Not yet" meaning not in the bowl, everyone's taste is different so she should be asking us individually for our plates" Instead she left and no one got any cheese or pepper. My sister in law had to ask 3 times for mustard. They brought out half the dinners out and the other half didn't come out until 10 minutes later.  My brothers chicken was burnt and dried out (we discovered after it was the last piece of roasted chicken so it'd probably been sitting there since lunch) My mom's pasta was too spicy for her to eat despite it NOT being listed as a spicy dish.

All in all, it was horrible.

So when we all left my brother went in and told the manager about how terrible our experience was, and especially shameful during a fundraising event.  So the manager gave him 2 $50 gift certificates as an apology.

So while I might complain about not really liking this restaurant, I'm pretty pleased to have a free date night! Way to go Brian!

I'm looking forward to a busy week. I want to get Connor's cake pops and chocolate suckers done for his birthday party. I still have to get everything I need for the games and prizes. Plus a gift for him!

I also have a new craft idea that I want to try out. I was thinking of making some tenner rosaries. I'm going to go to the Catholic supply store and get some Miraculous Mary medals and some Crucifix's.  I'm going to go to Micheal's to get some more beads and I have a nice stash of swarovski crystals that would make some nice tenners.  We'll see how they turn out.

But for today, it's off to watch Mary at cross country, try and get in to the dentist and if I can squeeze it in, go to my breast cancer support group.

Have a great week.

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  1. Wow! You had an amazingly productive weekend. Sorry about your tooth, that sucks. I hope you're not in discomfort. And I totally agree with you about going out....too hard with kids and it's worse when the service is bad. I'm glad at least you got some compensation for the bad service :-)