Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Down, Four To Go

I still can't get over how powerful the mind is. Even now, writing this post will be difficult because of it. The sheer amount of nausea I've felt over the past three days is astounding and horrific. And I'm not the type to not eat and drink when I don't feel well, in fact, I often do the opposite because an empty stomach makes me feel worse. But it's a catch 22 because filling an already sick belly means more sick.

As with the last time even thinking of water, ice and now apple juice makes me, even right now, feel physically ill and I consciously have to think of something else just to get the feeling to pass. Treatment has ruined so much for me already and now we add pizza and apple juice to that list (and quite possible cran-grape juice as well)

But, for the mast part that has passed. I feel quite a b it better today provided I can keep my mind off of the things that turn it. I am eating again, successfully, enjoying my morning coffee and for the first time since Thursday, at my own computer rather than using my mom's laptop on the couch or Emily's iPod.

My energy is still low but I'm going to suck it up and go see Mary compete at cross country today. It was supposed to be two weeks ago but got rained out.

I'm told that the next treatment will be dramatically better than this one because of the new meds I'll be taking. It remains to be seen but I can tell you this, I thanks the Almighty that the next one will be the last of this type of treatment. From what I understand the next type of treatment, while it has it's own set of side effects, the nausea should not be one of them. Of course, it seems to me, I was told not so long ago that I shouldn't throw up at all with the treatments.

You'd think I could get a small perk out of this like weight loss but no, in fact, I think I'm gaining. (It's the steroids...I'm sticking to that story. It sounds a whole lot better than the truth; I saw an Oh Henry commercial last night at like 7:45 pm and said to Sean "Oh that looks GOOD!!" and then sent him to Shoppers to get me one. He came home with a Halloween pack of 95 mini bars and I ate...well....a lot of them.   Oh, and two bags of Lay's chips because the salt helps with the constant mouth watering (which makes the nausea worse)

It's officially time to put treatment number 2 behind me. I look forward to the next 2.5 weeks in which I'm allowed to feel somewhat normal, complain about my sciatica (it's back) and wonder how I'm going to keep my head warm now that the temperatures have bottomed out.  I'm going to finish my SIL's quilt, get some more Christmas shopping done and look forward to Halloween.

Moving on.

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