Friday, October 14, 2011

Good, Not Great

A quick update.

I've been throwing up again, but not as badly. I've taken double the Zofran prescribed to me when I was put in the hospital last time plus steroid and I'm hoping it will hold me over until tomorrow when the nausea should be more or less gone. Apparently the new med prescribed to me, Emend, for the next treatment will be like night and day from Zofran. The nurse said ideally I'd have had it for this past treatment but because they hadn't known how sick I'd been I wasn't given it. One can hope because again, despite my feeling much better at this point than I did last time (I believe I was making plans to go to the hospital by this point last time) I still feel terrible. I'm having trouble staying hydrated, I can't drink water, the mere thought of it make my stomach turn, juice is too sweet so even though it's a diuretic I'm drinking tea, it's all I want. I'm eating soda crackers and dry cheerios because an empty stomach adds to the nausea for me and I'm praying it stays down.

Sean gets pissed at me everytime I throw up because he says I'm not listening. I'm eating, I'm getting out of bed (to come to the couch) I'm drinking tea instead of something better. I know he's just worried but it upsets me when I'm feeling this shitty and he's getting mad at me. I just remind myself that he's scared. That's all.

I just remind myself that each day I'll feel a bit better and that I got through it once before and I had two solid weeks in which to complain about my sciatica and be happy as hell to do so. This shitty feeling won't last forever and as long as I can will myself to keep things down, stay hydrated and out of the ER I'll be okay in a couple of days.

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