Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't worry, I'm still here.

I've just not had much to say.

I caught a cold from one of the kids. I've got a splitting sinus headache, laryngitis and a runny nose. The runny nose thing is actually new because with no nose hair, when it runs you can't sniff it back in. I'm hoping this means it won't collect in my sinus the way colds normally do.

I've been monitoring my temperature, taking it every hour or so because if it gets to 38 C I have to go to the hospital. It means infection and since my body is not equipped to fight infection right now I'd need antibiotics. I'd also be isolated. I'd also run the risk of missing my chemo next week and while I'm not overjoyed about having it I'm also not wanting to miss it.

Last night was worrisome. My temp got to 37.8 at it's worst. It might have even went higher but I sweaty it off quite quickly. Now it's better, 37.2 so I'm feeling  a little less scared about it.

Last night I took Emily and Mary Jo to the the Selena Gomez concert. I asked them months ago if they wanted to go and they said no. (I could have got backstage passes too) Then, at the last minute they decide they want to go. Of course, it was sold out so I called, and called and called right up until about noon yesterday and managed to get a set of tickets on a just released block. They were at the side of the stage, 10 rows back and I have to say, they were the ideal seats. We could see everything perfectly.

It was good show, considering it was teenie bopper music. They even went as far as doing a little thing about self esteem and anti bullying which I thought was great considering the audience.

Not much else is new around here. I'm feeling drained because of the cold so I'm hanging out on my couch today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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