Sunday, October 30, 2011


We had a bit of excitement here last night.

We live on a main street, one of the streets that runs out of our city to the neighbouring one. It means we get a lot of the late night bar traffic heading home (it's a one way street that runs from downtown to the neighbouring town) It also means that on weekends we often hear the noise of drunks going past our house and other such things.

So last night at about 1 am Sean and I were in bed. He got up because he thought he heard a thump in the backyard. He looked out the window (our bedroom overlooks the backyard) and he went and checked the back door. He didn't see anything but did mention there was a cop car in front of our house. It's a busy, one way street so if he's not stopped another car it's a little weird for him to be stopped there but I was tired so I just went back to sleep.

About 2 minutes later we hear a man taking in our back yard. Sean got up again and looked out the window. He then flicked on the light (we have a light switch in our room that lights up the backyard) I can't see out the window but suddenly Sean is frantically unlocking the window to open it. He yells out, "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing??"  Then I hear a great big SPLASH and Sean tells me to call the cops. As I go past him to get my phone I see a guy trying desperately to get out of our fish pond.

So, as far as we can deduce, the cops were looking for this guy and he thought he'd hide out in our backyard. Sean took him by surprise so he thought he'd hop the fence to get away but being blinded by the sudden bright light he went for the gap in the trees, which is actually our 6 ft deep koi pond.

He managed to get out of the pond and took off over our neighbours fence. I called 911 and told them what happened and where he was headed and apparently some of the neighbours on that street were calling 911 as well. A few minutes later several cop cars whipped up the street. I'm not sure if the caught the guy, the helicopter was up circling for a while too but if they didn't, well, it was only about 1 Celsius last night so I'm sure he was mighty cold.

The downside to all this excitement is that I was wide awake afterward and didn't get back to sleep until about 4 am. Which is all well and good when you don't have children to wake up for the next day.

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