Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dare I Hope?

The Doctor who was on call for my chemo was great. He actually works out of my hospital out here. (Apparently there are changes in the Provincial infrastructure with regards to health care so Dr's are a bit more interchangeable.)

Anyhow, I explained the whole antinausea/Zofran/being in the hospital bit and asked if I could get a prescription for Zofran. He did me one better.

He gave me the Zofran for this time around, plus a prescription for the steroids I take at the hospital (which incidentally also eradicates my sciatica pain)  but he upped to dosage of Zofran too. He said the dosage I was given was for post op patients, and the dose he gave me is for chemo patients, much stronger, and I shouldn't need to take anything else again....possibly tomorrow but not likely.

Also, he gave me a prescription for something even stronger to take for my next chemo treatment, one on the day of chemo and then two more for the next two days. He said it's even better than Zofran but they only give it to patients with drug plans because it's very expensive.

So, I dare to hope that this time, I might be queasy but I won't be sick and can avoid the hospital altogether. Time will tell.

I'm going to rest now.

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