Monday, July 11, 2011

Tossing Around Ideas

I'm feeling a surge in my creative juices. (there's an image)

I'm feeling like I want to do something, plan something, get something....I have a few small problems though. I don't know what. I'm short on money (fingers crossed that I don't get any problems collecting unemployment this summer) I don't want to use my Visa (I'm enjoying the freedom of carrying minimal debt and knowing that I can pay the balance of my Visa in a month)

The other problem is that I don't know what I want to do to get this creativity out of me. I don't feel like sewing (I finally made myself a Kool Aid bag and have enough Jammers to make at least two more bags)
I don't feel like making Sculpy jewelry.  I was in love with the idea of hand stamped jewelry but we saw how well that worked out. I'm too poor to do any other type of jewelry (I'd work with Swarovski crystals if I had the dough)

I'd like to cook something fabulous but there's the recurring budget issue (I shop based on our weekly menu to keep costs down and if I want extras I need to either plan ahead for it or have extra money for it)

I need to clean out the basement which I plan to do on Thursday (and I'm excited - yeah I'm a nerd) but I'm looking forward to purging again. Whatever Connor won't be using is going and whatever I can use for school will go there. Everything else is getting sold or freecycled.

But there is something else nagging me - an idea playing in my head.

I was printing up a scavenger hunt for the girls the other day and I came across a website that talked about a scavenger hunt that was done for fundraising. Each team (made up of up to 10 people) could join for $10. (so $1 per person) and they were given a lengthy list of things to find. They weren't easy things like find a pinecone or a maple leaf. They were things like find a penny from 1942, white go go boots, headline from the Toronto Star, November 22, 1963, a used Bounce sheet.  Each item carries a point value (the more difficult the item is to find to higher the point value) At the end, the team with the highest combined points wins.

It's been rolling over in my great this would be as a fundraiser for our Relay. Something that wouldn't just have to be hosted here (like our tea) but something that could be hosted online even. A photo scavenger hunt of sorts.  If we had an entry fee, a list and a time limit - combined with a few great prizes....if those great prizes were donated the overhead would be virtually nil and the profit to donate would be large.

It's something I'm going to keep thinking about - I think it could be fun - and something that everyone could potentially participate in, my friends and my mom's.  We'll see.

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