Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 2WW

To those in the world of trying to conceive (TTC) and fertility (or lack of) the Two Week Wait (2WW) is the painful two weeks between ovulation and test day.

I've been enduring my own 2ww. The 2 weeks between surgery and results.

After my surgery I decided to release all my worries and fears and enjoy the two weeks, the first two weeks since May that I could truly say I was not worrying, stressing and my life wasn't on hold. And I did that for nearly a solid week.

Then my Grandma died and while that was a hard time it didn't not count towards the stress of my own health scare.

But Monday morning, not an hour before the funeral the surgeon called me. Herself. Actually she called me on my phone but I'd left it home so she took the trouble to track me down on Sean's phone. She wanted me to have an MRI but insisted the results of the biopsy were not back yet.

So much for two weeks of mental/emotional freedom. I got 10 days.

The Dr's office called again this morning and said the results were back and they wanted to make me an appointment for Thursday.

So here's the thing. I should be happy that they weren't insisting I came in right away. That is a good sign. I should be happy that the hematologist is not calling me to come in as well.  That's a good sign.

But I'm still not feeling good about this.

My SIL, who's got some experience in this department has assured me that if this were 'something' I'd not be waiting a few days to be called in for results....but sitting on this end it's still hard to accept.

I guess I should also be happy that my 2ww (which would have actually been almost 3 weeks as my appointment was initially scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday) is going to be a day shy of 2 weeks.

On a slightly related note, I read a news posting that my brother put on FB. A group of nurses from my Grandma's nursing home won 15 million dollars in the lottery on Friday. I like to think that's my Grandma's way of saying thanks to them for the 9 years she lived there. A parting gift of sorts.

I got the gift of having a (my) Grandma for nearly 38 years but if I could have a parting gift, I'd ask her for the gift of life as equally long as hers. I'd ask her for good health. I'd ask for a clean bill of health on Thursday.

We shall see.

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