Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Feel So Floopy

I've said it many times before, I'm not a medicine taker. I have to be really suffering before I take something but I thought it in my best interest to not wait until I was really suffering before taking the pain killers the Dr. gave me. So I've been religiously taking my Tylenol 3 every 4 hours.

I'm allowed to take 2 every 4 hours but 1 is plenty for me. I took one when I got up this morning about 30 minutes ago and I can feel it working...I'm in the clouds. Yeah, stoned from prescription strength Tylenol. Sad eh? I know people who take things like percocet and oxycodone and it doesn't help a whit. So either they have a huge tolerance for their pain killers or huge amounts of pain.
Oddly enough, last night I felt like the last one I took didn't work and I was worried I was becoming tolerant.

See, here's the thing. I have an addictive personality. I know this. If I lived closer to a casino I'd be divorced and bankrupt. I consciously limit my drinking because I know I could easily slip into alcoholism. It took me 3 years to quit smoking (I smoked for nearly 20 years) and the thing that helped me over the hump was I liked the initial buzz I got when I put the patch on.   And this buzz I get from the Tylenol 3...I'm really liking it too. So I'm going to consciously make sure that I'm stretching out the times now - 5 hours in between or maybe even 6. I wasn't in as much pain this morning so I don't think I'll need them every 4 hours.

What is so ironic about all of this is that as a teen, when I experimented with drugs...I HATED it. I never liked this feeling, I didn't like feeling out of control or 'floopy' and I certainly hated that buzzing feeling. And I shortly figured out the way to 'pretend' I was getting stoned with my friends so I could save face while not feeling crappy. (apparently it worked because I mentioned this to my bff a few months ago and she had NO idea)

I got to take the outer band aid off yesterday. It's itchy and sticky under there but it's not that big an incision. It's not even really in my armpit, more in the muscle area between my armpit and boob and maybe 2 inches long. But my arm pit is swollen and sore.
I get to shower today but since I'm not going anywhere and will only offend my kids (Sean is back to work) I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow. I'm worried about getting it wet and infection setting in. We're taking the kids to Niagara Falls tomorrow and I don't want anything to ruin the first really fun thing our family is doing this summer.

We reached a milestone in our house the other night too. Emily lost her last baby tooth. The tooth fairy works like this in our house...first tooth earns $10 and you get to keep your tooth for your 'first tooth' box.  All other teeth get $5 and mom or dad chucks them into the green bin the tooth fairy takes them for new babies.  Also, teeth are left in a cup on the kitchen counter, the tooth fairy is getting old and doesn't like to fish around under pillows anymore.

So when Emily lost her last tooth we were a bit stumped. First off, neither of us remembered to hold back $5 (we are largely not a cash family, we use the debit card. I'm thinking Emily won't take debit. And since it was her last tooth we thought it deserved more than the obligatory $5. But we didn't think an IOU was acceptable either.

So yesterday morning we called her into the dining room, shut the door and told her we had something we needed to share with her. But before we could speak she said "Oh what, the tooth fairy isn't real? I already knew that."  


Yeah, she knew. I wonder if she knows about Santa too. I'm afraid to ask. I'm sure she knows about the Easter Bunny, we haven't played that charade very well.

Anyhow, she was happy to hear that her very last tooth was going to earn her $20. She's saving her money for another Eaton Centre birthday shopping trip in September.  And she got the privilege of being the one to put her very last tooth into the green bin  give her very last tooth to a new baby.

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