Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Case of the Missing Tea Towel

We had a cat many years ago named Ruffles. Ruffles loved olives. He loved them to the point that he'd go banana's at the smell of them. But he wouldn't eat them, he'd like rub his face all over them. Weird cat, I know, you don't need to tell me.

Our next cat, Snickers had  a thing for over mitts. If you put one on and came at her she'd got nuts and attack. It made for some fun nights when she was a kitten, not so fun if you were trying to cook though.

Chicklets has a thing too. It's tea towels and clothes.

We hang our tea towels on the stove handle and just as soon as they get hung, he's got them pulled down and is attacking. He'll run up the hall with it and he's still a pretty small kitten so most times the towel is bigger than he is.

Apparently he's been stealing them from my mom too, only these ones are going MIA. She's looked under the beds, in the closet, behind the's like Chicklets has eaten them.

I found a couple of them this morning, on the living room floor. I guess he's got a secret stash somewhere for the nighttime when we're all in bed and ignoring him.

I suspect sometime soon I'm going to stumble across the missing tea towels, in a heap, full of cat fur.

I love my kitten.

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