Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Days In

Summer vacation for the kids officially started three days ago and already I've threatened summer camp no less than 12 times.  I even searched on up and showed them where I would send them if they didn't stop arguing  and complaining.

I had the foresight to make an "I'm bored" jar. It's got ideas for activities the kids can do with (or without) me when they are bored.  I thought we'd at least get a week or so in before we'd have to use it. Nope, we used it today.

So Emily chose out the baking/cooking card. We took down all of our cookbooks and recipe cards and decided on a plan of action. Emily chose the appetizer, Mary chose the dessert and I chose the main course. Next Saturday we'll mix it up and we'll all choose something else.

So tonight we'll be starting with homemade salsa, followed by Meatball Skillet Pasta and finished off with chocolate pizza.   Yikes, not for the faint of heart.

If this goes well Emily has big plans in August to host a dinner party for a group of her friends...all cooked by her. My baby is growing up.

In the meantime, I've second guessed my plan to keep Connor out of daycare for the summer. He's already driving me crazy with his constant not listening and throwing toys, running, jumping and general threeness.

Did I say I was looking forward to summer vacation??

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