Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go? No Go?

I guess we'll see.

So for my dear faithful followers who are no in the PP here's what  know. Not much of anything.

Seriously, I had my CT Scan yesterday. What a horrible experience. And God bless the nurse who was doing it.

For those who've never had the pleasure of enduring enjoying one, I'll tell you how fabulous it is and then I'm quite sure you'll want to run right out and have one too. 

You start your adventure drinking two large cups or water and mixed with some unknown 'this is to coat you bowels' substance. And you have to drink it in 10 minutes. Then you get to wait. An hour. Yippee. After the hour (or in my case an hour and a half) you get to drink another smaller cup of the same water/bowel stuff and change into your skivvies and oh-so-attractive hospital gown.
You go into a giant room (I would suspect it's a giant room in every hospital since this machine is massive) that is kept far too cold for your wardrobe and nerves and you're greeted with this behemoth

They hook you up to an IV and then the fun begins. You lay on that lovely little bed and they slide you into the hole (now I know how a penis feels)  They do a few pictures and then - the best part - they inject die into your IV. This is to get a clearer picture of what they are looking at and then they slide you in and out of the hole again.
Here's the thing. This die, she said I'll feel warm and taste or smell metallic. She said I'd feel like I was peeing. Not to get too graphic on you but that was a mild understatement. My vag was burning hot. And oddly enough so was my neck.  And when it happened, I started having a panic attack because frankly with all this happening I'm just this side of keeping it together. And the nurse, she was fabulous. She held my hand and talked me down until I was not so panicked anymore.

And then I got to do it all again so they could get shots of my neck. 

I know, jealous right? Don't worry, maybe one day you too can have a CT Scan.

Anyhow, later in the day I met with the anesthetist. I explained the situation with general anesthetic as best I could and she was stumped. The problem being that we are going back to an event that happened 30 years ago, coming from second hand information (the Dr told my Mom who told me) and there is no clear records of what happened.

So she laid out a few options.

1 - I can have a sedative and a local anesthetic for the surgery (this is what I'm hoping for) but she's not sure if the surgeon would agree - she said each one is different.

2 - I can postpone the surgery until I'm either able to have A: a medicinal allergy test on the components of the most common general anesthetics (but this could take months) or B until they are able to retrieve my hospital records from another hospital from 1980. (and assuming it's clearly laid out in those records)

3 - We go head with the general anesthetic and hope for the best (the least appealing option)

The anesthetist doesn't want to go with option 3, nor do I.
I don't want to go with option 2 just in  case this is something serious - I don't want to delay treatment any further.
I'm hoping on hope for a local anesthetic.

So this morning the surgeons office called and said I am still to show up for my scheduled pre op and at that time the surgeon, the anesthetist and I will discuss how to proceed. I get the impression the surgery is still a go so it's just a matter of how.

I'm going to ask her at that time about the results of my CT scan. I'm anxious.

So, that is where I am now. 2 more days. I'm officially terrified.

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