Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've Become THAT Parent.

The kids school hosted the "Welcome to Kindergarten" evening last night. It's meant, primarily, for first time to school parents. I wouldn't have gone but I'm doing the Welcome to Kindergarten program in a couple of weeks and figured I could rip off a few good ideas for my school.

It's the same for all schools, a package with magnetic letters and numbers, some playdough, some construction paper, glue and scissors and a book. It's provided by the ministry of education. Then each school can throw in other things, notes from teachers, etc. Connor's had a foam cross with some stickers (a bible, a cross and a dove) and a magnet with a small laminated prayer. I thought it was nice and will suggest we add that to ours as well.

So during the 'talk' the Principal mentioned that there would be a straight JK class and a JK/SK split class. (for those of you out of Ontario - our schools have Jr Kindergarten which kids start when they are as young as 3 years 8 months and Sr. Kindergarten which they start as young as 4 years 8 months.) It is not mandatory but most children attend both Jr and Sr Kindergarten.

Now, I've been privileged enough to be teaching in a split class this year. I have primarily SK students but I do have 5 JK kids. And I've seen them flourish because they've been working at almost the same pace as the SK kids.

When we were getting up to leave I asked the Principal when the decision would be made as to which kids will be in the split class. She said "Oh, we're making that decision now." and then said nothing more. I wasn't going to leave it at that so I said "Well, my preference, if it can be accommodated is that he be in the split class. You see, he's already reading so I think it can only benefit him to be in a class with the SK's." I got a blank stare so I continued. "You see, I'm an ECE with a full day kindergarten and I've seen firsthand how kids who are ready for it can really benefit from the push"  She asked what my son's name was and said "We'll see what we can do"

I know what that means. That means she's thinking "Oh please lady, do you know how many parents I meet who think their kids is a genius and should be at the top of their class??" 
And I'm thinking "If a parent came to me and said what I just said I'd be thinking the same damn thing the principal is thinking" 

Only this time it's the real deal. I don't think my kid is a genius but the simple fact of the matter is that he is reading already which puts him ahead of probably a good portion of the kids he'll be starting school with. And yes, studies show he won't be any further ahead than them in a few years...but for now.....I only want the best for him.

So, I've become THAT parent.

On a different note, for those of you who are not PP friends....

I saw my own Dr on Monday. He seemed pretty optimistic that it was likely nothing too serious. He's still got me going for the tests but I know my Dr, if he has concerns, he'd say it.  So I'm a bit relieved. Still a little scared but not the terror I felt over the weekend.

I'll update when I know.

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  1. Who cares what the principal thinks? You've seen it in action and know that's the best choice for Connor, and THAT'S much more important than what the principal thinks. You've got to do what best for your child, because if you don't, who will? I'm glad you said something. ;)