Tuesday, June 21, 2011

%#*@$ Google!!

See how I blame Google in my title when in actual fact this is entirely my fault? I chose not to accept responsibility for this.

I took today off work. I am feeling the stress on so many levels and am finding it hard to focus on anything.

So I spoke with my Dr's office last night. They told me that the hematologists office is closed for the week so they'd call back with an appointment for me next week.
I called back and used that as an opportunity to ask my Dr to find me a hematologist out here in my neck of the woods rather than out in his neck of the woods. He didn't know anyone so I'll stick with his guy. He then told me that he got my blood work back and everything looked good.

Everything looked Good.

I'm clinging to that. I figure if there was something terribly wrong that my blood work would show something out of whack.

But then there is Google.

So I googled would cancer show up in blood tests? and sure enough (not like I didn't actually know) but of course, that isn't the case.  It just means that so far everything looks okay.

And the high I was on after talking to my Dr is gone. And even worse, I can't tell Sean because he'll be incredibly pissed that I'm googling.

Googling really is a dirty word.

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