Monday, June 20, 2011

Anyone Seen My Gumption?

I'm thinking of making a 'missing' poster. I'll offer an award.

I am so freakin' tired, all the time. I've got no energy and my mind is constantly running in circles.

I know it's stress, worrying about what next September holds for me at work and more importantly what the blood tests results hold for me. I'm running all sorts of scenario's through my mind from 'I irritated a lymph node by dry shaving and then putting deodorant on right away (a no-no, I know) to something too terrible to even utter.

But all of this has caused me to lose interest in everything else. I made two kool aid bags yesterday for one of the teachers at work. She ordered 4! I've done 3 now so there's only one left to do but even that seems like a chore.

I am notorious for telling Sean that there isn't any point in worrying about something in which we have no control - and this is one of those times. I have no control over who I'll be working with in September so I just have to wait and see and deal with it then.
I have no control over what my blood tests say so I just have to wait until I see the Dr and move on from there.

No point in worrying right?

8 more work days. Only 8.  52 hours. And then I can scratch one thing off my list.

Happy Monday everyone!

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