Friday, June 10, 2011

Hard to Please and Bit of Hodge Podge

So I heard from the Dr yesterday. He said there is no sign of cancer in the mammogram (WOOHOO!!)

But - he did say there are swollen lymph nodes. After talking we've determined that I've had no specific injury or illness on that particular side and so I go in to see him next week to get some blood drawn to try to pinpoint the cause. He's also calling the surgeon to try to bump up my appointment (currently on August 8th)

Part of me is terrified - I say, well, he said no sign of cancer in the mammogram....that doesn't eliminate other cancers (ie lymphoma) but when Dr Google and I chat I discover I don't have any of the prominent symptoms of that. Then I think about this constant fatigue and how that's related or how lately everytime I eat salad and some fruit I get horrible stomach pain ( I call it the banana pain as it's the pain I've always gotten after eating banana.)

The other part of me says that I've read that lymph nodes can swell over the smallest, most insignificant infections and that maybe it's something small, internal and unimportant.

So I guess the wait continues.

Moving on.

Our new Relay for Life team was finally created and put online. You can see it here (or pledge us there - heehee) Our goal the first year was $1500 and we surpassed it. Our goal this year was $3000 and we surpassed it so this year our goal is $5000. And we'll surpass it!

Connor has joined t-ball. We went to his first game on Tuesday. It was the cutest freakin' thing I've ever seen. After we got through the half hour tantrum over not wanting to wear the team shirt (he's weird about clothes)

Connor has his little glove. He throws the ball (he's got a hell of an arm) and then holds his glove out to wait for you to throw it back. But he doesn't actually make an effort to catch it. He expects it to be thrown into his glove and if not he'll happily watch it sail by and then run after it.

He made a little friend so he and his friend played catch together - the two of them over throwing the balls, watching them go by and then chasing after them.

Connor's first time up to bat - he was the last batter of his team which means when he hits it, it's an automatic home run. So he hit the ball and rather than run to first base he took his bat and ran after the ball to get it. The batting coach pointed him in the right direction and my little man cleared the bases.

Now it's his turn in the field. The first few times the ball was hit he'd stand there and stare at it. The rest of his team dogpiling the ball. So I encouraged him to run after it too. He was a gentleman though. He didn't dog pile the other kids and when he didn't catch it he'd shout "Oh MAN!! I missed it!!" 

All in all, a fun evening. I grinned from ear to ear all night like an idiot. I love that kid.

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