Monday, June 1, 2009


There isn't a whole heap to tell. My dad had his last radiation treatment today. They'll reevaluate soon and meet with the oncologist. They mentioned looking at the option of chemotherapy but they also said early on he wasn't a candidate so my expectations are not high.

He seems to be in pretty decent spirits. He gets confused a lot easier and when he realizes he's confused he'll say "Well, my brain is burned."
For the most part he doesn't seem to be in too much pain but he's also medicated quite regularly because really, there is no need for him to be in pain.

As for the kids, I read the story to them the day is came and we talked about what they thought and felt about Papa being sick. Mary had some more tears and a cuddle. Then we got out the workbook and I let them choose a page. They chose the award page and made my dad a Worlds Best Papa award. His bedroom is quickly becoming an art gallery.
I had sent a note to school with the kids the day after we told them, just making their teachers aware of the situation at home in case of any unexpected behaviour at school. I discovered this morning that Emily didn't give hers to her teacher (despite telling me she did) I think she was embarrassed.
I spoke with her teacher today and I'm glad I did because I think her teacher is fantastic and has a really good read on the kind of child Emily is. I think she'll be able to pick up on any issues Emily might be having.

Besides that, not a lot to say today.

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