Friday, June 19, 2009

Romance in the 9th year

Emily is finally at the age where she notices boys, likes boys and yes, officially has her first boyfriend (you didn't hear that from me!)
I've gained enough of her 9 year old confidence that she told me about her boyfriend and without pressuring every now and then I'll ask how things are.

So today here's the story. Her bff was asked out by a boy they've gone to school with since JK. This boy was the one who would try and hug Em in JK and it freaked her out (she's all about personal space) Anyhow, Em's bff said yes to the boy and now they are *dating*.

Let's talk dating. For the Grade 4's at her school this means you play together at recess. You might talk on the phone or email but it's rare. You don't hold hands (ewww!) but you get the title of *so and so's girlfriend/boyfriend.* and your names get combined. So if her boyfriends name was Joe (it's not) her name would me Jomily and his name would be Joey. (yeah, well you were 9 once too! lol)

So today Emily drops a bomb that her bff's boyfriend is taking the relationship "waaaay to fast" My Mom-dar is going off like crazy! Way to fast? I've read about 10 yr old girls showing up pg. Girls are losing their virginity so damn young these days (like I grew up in a time when girls waited for their wedding night and then hung the blood stained white sheet out on the line for the village to know she was pure) There's all this *sexting* and unthinkable things going on. What in the world has Em's bff gotten into and I need to give her mom a heads up.

Apparently bff's boyfriend kissed his hand and put it on bff's cheek. But you see, they've only be *dating* for two days and this is moving much to fast. God bless my sweet, innocent daughter. I hope she stays this way forever.

Here's the real kicker though. Apparently Em had her first kiss today. Her boyfriend kissed her on the cheek and she reciprocated.
I can deal with that. And let's hope these wonderful, pure and innocent cheek kisses continue to make her this happy for a very very long time. I know I'd be thrilled.

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