Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm going to the garden to eat some worms...yum yum

There are very few things that make me really squeamish. Egg snot is a big one. My egg has to be thoroughly cooked. I don't like the look of distorted body parts (think compound fracture) or that show where the doctor with the German accent dissects cadavers or those shows that show you surgeries. So needless to say, becoming a doctor or nurse is not really in my future.
But, you can throw at me any kind of bodily fluid coming from a child and it's not problem. I can change the messiest of diapers while eating lunch. (I don't - but I could) I'm also not grossed out by scenes on shows like Survivor where they eat nasty things like grubs, bull testicles or those chicken fetus eggs.
Sean on the other hand has the weakest stomach. He's thrown up mid diaper with all three of the kids at one point or another. He wretches when one of the kids has runny nose tusks. But the funniest thing is his reaction to someone eating worms. Even an episode of The Simpsons where a kid had a mouthful of worms sent him off urging. And yet, he's downed handfuls of chocolate covered crickets and meal worm cookies at the zoo. Go figure.
So yesterday we were tilling our backyard. The sod is being delivered sometime today. I'm pretty excited to finally have a backyard instead of a dust bowl.
Now I don't remember how this came to pass but my mom volunteered to eat a worm for the bargain basement price of $20. I'm not one to pass up on something so freakishly gross so the girls dug up a nice fat juicy worm and sure enough, down the hatch it went.

I guess now, seeing it in person, you can most definitely add that to the list of things that gross me out. All I can think about it is slithering down the throat. AGH!! blech. And this from the woman who won't eat liver.

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