Sunday, June 28, 2009


UGH!! I developed seasonal allergies last year. I used to think people who complained about allergies were just big, old babies (okay, so I'm not a very sympathetic person). Well karma has come to bite me in the ass along with my new found allergies.
My guess is that it's pollen. The car is covered in it but I can't even seem to escape it inside. Of course, there are an excessive amount of flowers inside at the moment, funeral leftovers. The sniffly, sneezy feeling I can deal with. But the itchy palate. Holy crap! There's an allergy remedy commercial and it shows someone scratching the roof of his mouth with a fork. That's me! And the itchy eyes. I can't bear them. I rub them to the point that they swell shut.

Now I could suck it up and take an allergy pill. The thing is, I can't take something that causes drowsiness. So that rules out all the good ones. I could take a non drowsy but I'm not convinced it would work. Plus, I'm not a pill popper. I've got to be pretty hurtin' before I'll even take something for a headache so the thought of taking allergy pills for the duration of allergy season doesn't appeal to me. So while I bitch, we can all agree I'm not doing much to rectify the problem.

And that makes me what? Yes, that's right, a big, old baby.

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