Thursday, June 11, 2009

You can always come home

I've never been one to embrace church. I was brought up Catholic, went to church when forced and got most of my religious training in my 14 years of Catholic school. But aside of going to church to 'be seen' when it was time to get married or have one of my kids baptised, I don't really go to church. I'm not even a Chr-Easter catholic.
It was always important for me though that the kids be baptised and go to catholic school. I don't have the knowledge to impart any spiritual wisdom on them and I rely on their school (and the masses they go to from there) to do that for me.
I've become what I've recently heard described as a buffet style catholic. I pick and chose which parts of my religion work for me. So it's important to me that my kids receive all their sacraments but I haven't been to confession since my First Reconciliation.
I've questioned whether the catholic church was the right church for me, more than once and had my overall faith tested. The latter part of 2006 took a toll on that. And though I've wondered about my place in my church and it's place in my life I've also taken solice in knowing I had it.
My dad expressed and interest in seeing a priest. I don't fully know where his beliefs lie. I know that beyond going to church for an event (wedding, baptism, first communion) he doesn't go to church and I can't recall him ever going to church.

I called the priest at the church we go to (as it were) I explained to the priest my dad's situation and asked if he would come over. Now I'll be honest, I expected him to ask if we were parishioners. I expected him to ask if my dad was a practicing catholic. These things were asked before we got married, before each of our kids was baptised (in fact, he baptised Connor and gave Emily her first reconciliation and first communion and asked us each of those times) But all he asked this time was where and what time. Because all that mattered was that someone needed a little bit of God.

I guess it showed me that no matter what you do with your life, no matter the path you take you can always go home and find the peace that you need. And I guess that no matter my questions about my faith or my church, I know that when I need it most, it's there to take me through.

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