Monday, June 22, 2009

Blended Families

My mom got a card today from her sister in law. She had written something in it that made me think of how my parents could be the poster children for how to do blended families right.

My Dad was widowed at a very young age and left with two young sons. My Mom divorced her first husband and became a single parent to a son. So when they married (37 years ago this coming July 1) at the ripe old ages of 25 and 26 they already had an instant family.

"Step" was never used in our house. Neither was "half". My brothers never referred to their new parent as a "step" parent. It was Mom or Dad. My brothers never referred to each other as "step" brothers. It was always my brother (or jerk, nimrod, even the occasional asshole...) And when I was born, the only child to be born of both parents I was not the half sister. I was just the baby sister. (and spoiled rotten being the only girl)

I used to say I was the glue that brought our family together because I am the only one who is related, by blood, to every other person in the family. But truth be known the glue was my parents commitment, right from day one, that they would raise their children, together, as one family, not two families joined together. They did a hell of a job. And though we've had our issues in the past (doesn't every family) we pull together like the strong family we are. And it's all due to them.

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