Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've got it!

I've finally figured out what to get Sean for his birthday. The only thing is, it's not for this birthday, it will be for his 40th.

We took up camping a few years ago. I'm all for the outdoors, I love to hike, I can handle bugs (to a point) and nothing is better than marshmallows and wienies roasting on a fire with a nice cold beer and crickets in the background. So we bought a ten man, two room tent. We bought the Coleman stove, lanterns, air mattresses, coolers, hatchets - all the necessities to live in the woods for a few days. The kids even enjoyed it.
The thing I can't do is sleep on those bloody air mattresses. Never in the history of time has there every been anything more uncomfortable. I never sleep a wink and the next morning I'm sore as hell.
Last year we decided not to camp. Connor was too young and we just knew it would a nightmare so instead we went to Sherkston Shores for a week. It's a trailer park on Lake Erie. Now that to me is roughing it the right way. There is a roof, beds, a stove, a fridge and a TV. Plus the lakes, the fire pit and best of all, activities for the kids.
We loved it so much we've already booked and paid for our trip there this year.
Now I'm a realist and I know that a big trailer is not in our budget and likely never will be but a pop that we can do. Emily and I had been talking about the idea of buying one for Sean for his 40th. So this past week there has been a trailer sale of sorts in the mall parking lot. We went over today, just for shiggles and Sean fell in love. He's got the one he wants all picked out. He then said, very casually, "Hmm, now there would be a great 40th birthday gift" Little does he know!!
But now that I know exactly what he wants and what he thinks a reasonable price is I've got 3 years to save.

Now I've got to get down the figuring out what to get him for his birthday this year. Only 19 days left.

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