Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well shit!

Last night I overheard bits and pieces of a conversation between Emily and Mary. It went like this.

Mary - "So you mean, like what Papa has?"
Couldn't hear Emily's answer
Mary - "So is he like going to die or something?"
Emily - "No, (something I couldn't make out) he's all better"
Mary - "Oh good, 'cause if he wasn't I'd be crying all over the place"

So gist of this is that they think that because he's home now, he's better. Our fault in telling them that A: he wasn't coming home (which was what we were told initially) and B: not clarifying that he would die from this.
So we get the distinct privilege of ruining another weekend of theirs by explaining to them that yes, Papa is home, yes he sounds and looks perfectly healthy but he's still incredibly sick and will die soon.

And where the hell are my books????!!!! 2-3 business days my ass!
Of course, our femaleman (we have a female letter carrier - we call her the fe-mailman) didn't show up yesterday. This is par for the course for her. We would sometimes go three or four days with no mail (in a house with four adults - we get mail every. single. day.) and then we'd get a big pile of mail in our mailbox.
So I finally emailed Canada Post and complained about it. They spoke with our letter carrier who, of course, insisted nothing was out of the ordinary. But by some miracle we've had mail ever single day since then. (insert an eye roll here)
But I'm still waiting on the books I ordered for the girls. I'm sure they'd be helpful in them understanding exactly what is going on.

This whole situation just sucks.


  1. Awww Jean ... I'm sorry that this is happening, it just breaks my heart for your whole family.

    I wish I could just flick a switch, and make it all go away ... or that your letter carrier would get her act together .. and get you your books.

    ((( hugs ))) lots and lots of them coming your way, and I'll send a little angel over there to watch over all of you for me ............

  2. Ugh. I'm sorry you don't have your books yet-I would call to see exactly when they shipped them! Usually they are very good about getting them out quickly. Good Luck with your talk with the girls, that is soooooo difficult to do.