Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two Steps Back, One Step Forward

I'm starting to wonder if my surgeon reads my blog. Or perhaps my mind. Or perhaps the oncologist called her and gave her a 'what for' for my (and his) obviously being out of the loop.  Regardless the reason she called me yesterday with a plan of action.

She did say at the moment she was more concerned with what showed in the left breast (interesting since the lymph nodes were in the right) So, I have to have an ultrasound (she eluded to it being on Monday and said her secretary would call me with the details - she didn't so I hope the diagnostic imagining department of the hospital does call with the details) Anyhow, the hope is that they can see the lumps described in the MRI through the u/s and if they can they will try to biopsy them right then and there. If not, I'll have to have a specialized MRI in which they attempt to biopsy them during the MRI (apparently not all hospitals have this capability so I suspect I'll be going downtown - though I hope with the new cancer centre here that maybe they'll have it)

She did elude to the idea that if the needle biopsy is not possible that there could be more surgery - which could possible include a full mastectomy. And it is entirely possible that they could do said mastectomy and not actually find any cancer in the removed breast. Not exactly the desired outcome but I have the utmost confidence that they are doing all they can to prevent that. I think mastectomy to find the cancer is last resort.

She also said the results of the bone scan were good. I said, well good, I guess I'm taking this as a good sign that it's so hard to find and maybe we caught it really really early. She shut right down and said "Well, let's just do what we need to do."

I know she's not in the business of giving false hope but throw me a fricken bone here woman!

I'm keeping that good thought anyway. Screw her.

And so, this roller coaster continues.

And as a little side note, I decided to clean up my blog a bit. It was a little too busy. So now you'll see fancy tabs at the top to visit our Relay for Life page and the Papa's Pride blog plus another page for my Etsy Store. The links to the blogs I follow and the past posts are at the bottom now.

Much less cluttered. Great for the anti horder in me.

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