Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Hair Washing Day!!

I feel so gross. I'm forbidden from bathing while I have the drainage tubes in which means I'm sponging for the next week and a half, at least. Have you ever noticed that you can't smell your own stank? I'm very aware of the fact that I can't smell myself and that I'm probably really, really stinky.

The other problem is that I lack the dexterity to wash myself properly because of the obvious issues on my right side. 

You know it's true love when your hubby is volunteering to wash your butt crack.

Yeah, that's my life!

In all seriousness, I showered before the surgery, shaved everything that needed shaving (in hindsight I would have waxed....live and learn) and even did my hair. Since then I've been sponge bathing but my hair has taken a beating. I sweat when the pills kick in, I spend a disproportionate amount of time lying down and my hair is starting to feel gross. So I think I'm going to try to hang myself over the kitchen sink today so Sean can wash it. That will make me feel better.

Emily painted my toe nails for me last night, rainbow colours.

I'm also noticing and increase in pain -  a burning sensation in my breast (or would this be called 'the area previously known as my breast' - I could be like Prince and just assign that area a symbol)  I thought at first it was stitches ripping but I think it's actually nerve endings reconnecting. Most of that area is still numb but I get the same sensation in the back of my arm and I'm starting to get the feeling back there so that is all I can think it might be.

I'm just counting down the days in which I can get my prosthetic. I'm excited to get new bras (yeah, it doesn't take much to make me happy)

I'm going shopping today too. I'm going to find something in my closet (or maybe my mom's she has lots of button up shirts) that I can wear that will discretely hide the drainage tubes and then I'm going to go to WalMart to buy myself a couple of new shirts....again, to hide the drainage. I know I'll only have them a few weeks but I don't want to have to wear Sean's shirts everytime I go out. I think it's more obvious that way.  The nurse said I could wear a sports bra so I'll have support on the one side anyway.

I'm feeling great today! (and again, forgive the jumpiness of the post - I take my meds when I wake up and by the time I get to the computer they are just kicking in)

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