Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Occult Breast Cancer

This would be the unofficial diagnosis. Long story short, the preliminary pathology report is that no tumors were found in the breast. I am that 1%.  They are still examining it, apparently they cut my breast into 100 pieces so there might still be something in there somewhere but for now - nada.

She did say that it was in all the lymph nodes she removed though.

So, it's on to oncology now. She said I will likely have aggressive chemotherapy because I'm young and otherwise healthy and can take it. They will do radiation also (here in Oshawa hooray!!!) on my armpit.

So while I'm not overjoyed that is wasn't apparent it is really what I expected to hear and as I told her, relieved to be on a path to healing.

Onward and upward....moving on to our new Step One


  1. Well girl. Just keep your head up high! yes you are on the road to recovery. All the best hon!

  2. YEAH for the next step one!!

    What else can I say?