Saturday, October 16, 2010

This, that and Butterscotch Lifesavers

So, my new teacher started last week on Tuesday.
I can say sum up my week in one simple sentence. I LOVE HER!

She's fantastic. She's young, she's energetic, she's easy to get along with, she's nice, she's a hard worker, she knows what she's doing - and she values my opinion and input. I can't tell you how many times last week she'd say to me "we're in this together" or "we're a team".

I'll admit I was worried that I'd be going from the frying pan into the fire but I really, didn't. Last week was the best week of work I've had very long.

I know I'm a big nerd but I big puffy heart her oh, so much.

I've lost weight since I've started working. Not a huge amount but about 5 lbs. I'm thrilled and I know it's in large part because I'm not eating like a horse everyday. I have breakfast (toast or porridge and coffee) Lunch (either a bagel and cream cheese or a salad and yogurt) and then supper (though, I'm starved when I get home and I tend to eat a large supper) When I snack at school it's on an apple.

I have one small problem though. See, at night I've been going to bed early (like 9:30) Partly because I'm exhausted but also because Sean gets up for work so early that he goes to bed then I figure, I got nothing else to do, may as well go to bed too. So this keeps me from snacking on weeknights. On weekends he goes to bed early still but my snacking is kept in check because I get something healthy before he goes to bed.

Here's my problem.

Sean is working nights for the next 6 weeks. That means after the kids go to bed I have nothing to do. I'm bored. I'm lonely. So I snack.
Last night it was curry/shrimp samosa's from M&M (didn't like them)

Tonight...chicken wings. MMMMMMM

I know I shouldn't and I know this is emotional/boredom eating but I can't help myself.
So, I can rejoice in my 5 lost lbs while I put them back on.

Oh well.

I've had a hankering for butterscotch lifesavers (or butter rum lifesavers) for about two weeks and do you think I can find any? Nada. It's killing me. 7/11 doesn't have them. WalMart doesn't have them. The little corner store doesn't have them. I used to be a 2 pack a day lifesaver sucker. I gave the habit up in favour of smoking more (insert a 'you're a pathetic loser' headhake here) but lately I've been wanting to suck on something (get your mind out of the gutter you perv) and butterscotch lifesavers would hit the spot.

I might have to go buy some Werthers. It's just not the same.

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