Monday, October 4, 2010

Beating a dead horse

Yes, I am.

I was just browsing my FB page and noticed a message from my Uncle on the Papa's Pride page. He's offered to match any money raised up to $2000 toward our Relay for Life with the sale of our Papa's Pride merchandise.

I know several of you fantabulous readers have already bought bags or cards or ribbons but I'm putting it out there anyway....for those of you who stop by frequently....and oh so know who you are.....

The tote bags make great Christmas gifts.
I have a huge assortment of fabrics (I will post more fabrics on the Papa's Pride blog on the weekend)
The cards are lovely. Think of all those times you've wanted to send a thank you card to someone and didn't have a blank note card lying around. Or you wanted to give your significant other a nice card with a love note written inside. Why pay Hallmark to write what's in your heart? Blank note cards with lovely photos are perfect for that!

You don't have to order through Etsy, you can order via email ( )but payment must be through Paypal.

And it will do your heart good knowing that you've helped lift us up as well as giving to an incredibly worthy cause.

And yeah, the horse might be dead but I'm gonna keep on beating him.

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  1. Hahaha! I'm glad you keep beating the horse, so to speak because I keep meaning to go to your Etsy store and do some christmas shopping!!! Thanks for the reminder, I promise when I have more than 2 min to spare I will check it out!